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LUSH Photography is a husband and wife photography team that strives to capture moments of beauty and grace, and deliver images that can only be described as …LUSH. They specialize in New York weddings, life style portraits & celebrity images.


Lisa Levart’s book of photographs "Goddess on Earth" won the GOLD Nautilus Book Award. Her photographs have appeared in numerous publications and been featured in exhibitions worldwide including The Kiek de Kok Photography Museum, Tallin, Estonia; Gallery Verita, Tokyo, Japan; The Alternative Museum, The Burden Gallery and Art in General, of New York City. She is the recipient of the Rockland County Executive Art Award.

Myles Aronowitz is a photographer whose portraits of celebrities, artists, poets, musicians and writers have been published world wide in magazines and newspapers including Time Magazine, People Magazine, Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, The London Independent, The Washington Post, Vogue, and USA Today to name only a few. As still photographer on major motion pictures, he has worked on over 50 films since 1986, and has shot the posters for many of those films. His clients have included Paramount Pictures, MGM, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Miramax Films, New Line Cinema, The Yari Group, Lion's Gate Films, and Columbia/TriStar Pictures.

Photo by Marc Santos.